Token Utility

DarkMeta Token Economics

The DMT token is the core utility token that is used to facilitate a sustainable DAO design for the game’s metaverse ecosystem as a whole.

There will be 1,000,000,000 DMT tokens minted on Arbitrum (ARB) with no further issuance after that.

The DMT token has many different uses which makes it unique in the market. We believe in creating an ecosystem where players can be rewarded for their actions on the platform. This in turn will create a healthy, sustainable and engaged in-game economy which leads to increase in user retention.

Token Utilization

Users can choose to hold and stake DMT tokens as a form of inflation control, which rewards them with stability fees that might provide better long-term value retention.

In-game tournament battles.

Project bounties and future development.

A medium for buying/selling DarkMeta NFTs.

As a means to reward streamers and most active players.

As a means to initially acquire a future strictly in-game form of currency that will not be sold or placed to players directly otherwise.

Top-level in-game uses, e.g. purchasing real estate, player character upgrades and/or cosmetics etc.

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