NFT Game Assets:

DarkMeta uses traditional collectible card game style NFTs as its NFT game assets. DarkMeta has decided to simplify the rarity calculation method of it’s collection by clearly marking the category of rarity for each NFT in writing at the bottom of each piece and also via colour coding.

It doesn’t end there, DarkMeta has also cleverly provided a chart containing the range of NFT numbers for each rarity category. DarkMeta has a total supply of 10000 NFTs in it’s NFT game asset collection. The higher the NFT edition number the higher the value of the NFT.


Every NFT has a level of rarity. The rarer the NFT, the more valuable it is. The 5 levels of rarity are:

NFT Types:

Game Asset NFTs (Weapons, Land, Real Estate and Vehicles. They can be won or purchased within the Marketplace)

Collectible NFTs (These precious gems can only be won within the game)

Collectible NFTs:

DarkMeta collectible NFTs are a very rare breed with only 500 available in total. They cannot be purchased and can only be won in DarkMeta Play-to-Earn Tournaments.

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